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Derma Guard and skin conditions

Many suffers have told us how beneficial Clinically Tested Derma Guard has been to them. It is light and easy-to-use, contains no fragrances, is completely non-toxic and due to the high standards to which it is manufactured it is unlikely to irritate you. However, as with all skin care products, especially on to sensitive or damaged skin, it is wise to do a patch test on your skin first.


How does Derma Guard work?

When you first apply Derma Guard the Natural Vitamin E used moisturisers and provides nutrients that quickly sink into your skin. Then, very quickly, and this is where Derma Guard is expcetionally clever and unique, it forms a shield around the skin that you have protected. This shield will allow your skin to breathe and perspire. At the same time it will lock the moisturisers and the correct amount of moisture into your skin and also keep out any external irritants that might normally exacerbate sensitive skin ‘flare up’. This will ensure that your skin stays supple and therefore prevent splits and cracks from reappearing.


What Clinical Results Show

After an 8 week trial at a NHS Trust Hospital in the UK conducted with Theatre and Ward nurses, the following results were evident :

82% Improvement in Skin condition.
79% reported that the effectiveness of Derma Guard was better than any other method they had tried prior to the trial.
89% said their “Feel Factor” had improved.
68% said that Derma Guard was “Easy to Apply”.


Itch Scratch Itch

Both Natural Vitamin-E and Aloe Vera provide soothing relief for skin conditions such as Dermatitis, psoriasis, chapped skin, skin rashes, burns etc. The Vitamin E and Aloe Vera contained in Derma Guard are formulated to work to break the itch scratch itch cycle that many suffers of problems skin find irritating.


Where can you use Derma Guard?

Derma Guard is gentle enough that it can be used on a baby’s bottom yet it is also tough enough to protect a pair of hard-working hands. Derma Guard is not designed to be used on mucus membranes nor within body cavities.


How long will it last?

Derma Guard is designed to stay on your skin for four to five hours despite repeated washing. You don’t have to worry about removing Derma Guard it will come off as your skin naturally sheds.


How safe is it?

Derma Guard is completely non-toxic and does not contain any steroids therefore it can be applied as frequently as you like. The full list of ingredients is shown on the can and all of them are carefully selected to give maximum benefit to our customers. If you have any concerns about any particular ingredient then please talk to your doctor.