skin protection for doctors

Medical & dental offices, labs, emergency services, para-medical, nursing homes, hospitals, child care.

Derma Guard provides additional skin protection for doctors, dentists, nurses, care providers, dental hygienists, emergency services & para-medical personnel as well as other health professionals who frequently wear latex or vinyl gloves, or have to wash their hands frequently or who’s hands are un-protected.

In circumstances where gloves cannot be worn, Derma Guard helps protect against laboratory acids, penetration of biological fluids (blood, haemoglobin, urine, saliva and other body secretions) caustic sodas, industrial disinfectants, solvents etc Derma Guard will provide temporary emergency protection against sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid and citric acid. Users must wash their hands and skin as soon as possible after such contact to avoid eventual acid burn.


What Lab Testing & Clinical Results Show

Independent UK lab testing showed that Derma Guard creates an invisible barrier that prevents penatration of the epidermis by small cations (Na+), anions (Cl-), hydrophillic neutral molecules (glucose) and some proteins (haemoglobin).

An 8 week trial at a NHS Trust Hospital in the UK conducted with Theatre and Ward nurses, the following results were evident:

As high as a 97% reduction in Dermatitis. 82% Improvement in Skin condition. 79% reported that the effectiveness of Derma Guard was better than any other method of protection they had tried prior to the trial. 89% said their “Feel Factor”, sence of touch had improved.



Derma Guard (also known as Derma  Shield internationally) also has proven Anti-Bacterial properties that kill germs and bacteria and prevent new ones from attaching to your skin. Clinical results showed that “The use of Derma Guard shows approximately a ten fold reduction in colony count for at least 2 – 3 hours with no evidence of bacterial build up”. JMJ Laboratory Testing & Pathology Services.

derma guard bacterial graph