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Light and Easy to use! Not a traditional barrier cream. Derma Guard is an industrial skin protectant that is dispensed as a mousse.
4 hours protection One application lasts you 4 hours despite repeated washing.
No Ozone depletion issues Delivered from CFC-Free aerosols.
Very comfortable It forms a microscopic mesh over your skin. Your skin still breaths and perspires.
Hands, arms, face, neck etc. Completely safe and can be used on any area of your skin.
Repels odours The protective layer on your skin will repel strong odours.
Food-safe Derma Guard can be safely used in food preparation areas.
Retain clean skin Your skin will be protected against oils, greases, dyes, paints, dirt, etc.
Protects your skin Nutrients in the mousse are formulated to keep your skin in top condition.
Even Superglue won't stick You also have protection against resins, mastic and adhesives.
Retain your sense of touch Once applied, Derma Guard locks to your skin. As your skin cells shed, so will Derma Guard.
More time to react Not a replacement for gloves but offers emergency protection from most acids.
No greasy or slimy hands Your skin will not feel greasy.
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