What is Derma Guard?

Derma Guard is a unique, industrial strength, non-toxic skin protectant with clinically tested barrier protection and skin moisturizing properties. It is non-greasy and one application last 4 hours no matter how many times you wash your hands with water, solvent or alcohol scrubs.The 26 ingredients in Derma Guard are formulated to solve the problems you and your colleagues come across in everyday work.


What does it do then?

The ingredients in Derma Guard combine to nurture and protect your skin from; strong odours, dirt, grease, oil, ink, dye, paint, glue (including superglue), skin irritants and many more – so many in fact, that if we were to list them all here you would be reading for hours! If you would like to see exactly what chemicals Derma Guard protects against then visit the chemical list page. You’ll also be pleased to know that your skin will continue to breath, perspire and feel perfectly normal whilst enjoying this amazing protection.


How does it help?

Provides emergency skin protection against most acids and bases. Works under the harshest conditions to provide skin protection against a huge range of irritants. Repels strong odours, grease, grime, oil etc. Helps make latex and vinyl gloves more comfortable to wear by controlling excess perspiration and any glove irritation. Is Antibacterial and a proven Biological fluid barrier product. Assists with skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and even psoriasis. Moisturizes, nurtures and protects dry, cracked or damaged skin. Prevents skin splits and cracks from reappearing. Helps the skins natural defenses.


How does it work?

Locks into your skin and forms an invisible, non-greasy, microscopic mesh over your skin providing a strong barrier to anything trying to attack your skin. Does not effect the skins ability to breathe and perspire. Provides top quality skin moisturizes to help the skins natural defenses repair damaged, cracked or split skin.


What makes it unique?

One application lasts 4 hours. Wash hands repeatedly without reapplying. Within 3 minutes of application sinks right into the skin rather than sitting on the skin. Contains Silicon Triad?process providing unique strong barrier protection. Light and easy to use. Non-greasy.


It sounds great, but is it easy to use?

Yes. To apply Derma Guard you simply need to wash and dry your hands, shake the can vigorously then apply an amount similar to a golf ball onto your hands. Rub it in and within 5 minutes your skin is protected.


Who else uses Derma Guard?

We have over 10,000 satisfied customers including well known names such as; Queensland Police, Maroochy Shire Council, Qld Rail, British Airways, Royal Air Force, Royal Mint, GEC, TMH Hair saloons etc.


How much is this going to cost?

For you and your colleagues to benefit from the protection detailed here it will cost as little as: .35c per week
Remember, the real cost to you and your company will actually be much lower than this. As many existing users have already found out to their advantage, just one of the many benefits of Derma Guard to you is that it saves up to 90% on cleanup time. In some cases that’s equivalent to an extra week a year.

Here’s a look at how much use you get out of each product:

 DG50 6 weeks 55
 DG150 4 months 170
 DG500 14 months 550
 DG100C 2.5 months 100
 DG150C 4 months 150
 DG500C 12 months 500

* Calculations based on an individual working 8 hours per day with a 5 day working week.


Beware of cheap imitations!

When evaluating alternative skin protectants demand the evidence!
Has it been clinically tested?
Does the label contain full formulation disclosure?
Is an extensive Australian MSDS available?
Has the product been tested for transferability?


How do I order Derma Guard?

Derma Guard is distributed in Australia by VISIONSafe’s extensive distribution network. Please contact us for more information.


Derma Guard is also known as Derma Shield or Dermashield internationally, and is so much more than just a barrier cream!

‘I have been using Derma Guard® now for 3 years. Prior to using it my hands suffered from severe cracking itching skin. It is fantastic. No more cracks. No more itchiness’

Simon Noonan, Parramatta NSW

‘Our workers are our greatest asset as a company. We work with really corrosive agents so it was great to find a product that was able to help them work more safely and feel protected’

Steve Clarke Envirosmart, Brendale QLD