Below are extracts from actual letters in our files. For reasons of privacy we have not included all the correspondent’s details.

“Changed to Derma Guard for the second half of the trial and showed immediate improvement. Derma Guard made his hands and nails much easier to clean and again assisted in the healing of previous damage. Discussion with all concerned indicated an overwhelming preference for Derma Guard which showed itself to be convenient and effective in all respects.”

P.C., Marconi

“A quick squirt and a thorough rub in made all the difference. We still finished work with skin covered in resin but it all washed off with mild soap and water.”

L. L., Tree Fellers

“The results were so beneficial in terms of cleanliness, efficiency, use and hygiene that I have decided to use only Derma Guard as the protective and cleansing material throughout my Workshops.”

R E K, Camden Motors

“Being a dentist I have had severe contact dermatitis for many years due to my contact with acetone, methyl methacrylate, dental stone and powder in the gloves, and also from a constant washing of my hands.
After about six weeks of using Derma Guard, twice a day, my hands and fingers are back to normal.”

J. W. A.

“Our Machine Shop personnel were very impressed by the way the oil and grease washed off with no bother!”

J. S., Synatel

“We have used Derma Guard for protection in all aspects of our varied production and have noticed a difference in the effect of certain chemicals on the skin. As demonstrated, the protection afforded by Derma Guard is quite impressive. I have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of my hands, i.e. no more sore finger joints where contact with solvents used to cause drying and cracking. Material that used to result in an unpleasant stickiness on the fingers can now be washed off quite easily.”

R.C., Chemical Co.

“…simply cannot speak highly enough with respect to Derma Guard. No more stained hands, skin bleaching or Dermatitis. Protects my customers as well.”

VB, Hairdresser, Qld

“I use Derma Guard every day for protection against solvents, glue, dyes etc. It makes hands easier to clean. I Would always recommend Derma Guard.”

JM, Tannery Worker, NSW

“My lab staff in Biochemistry & Haematology think Derma Guard™ is great and now have a higher level of protection.”


“After 8 years of visits to doctors, chemists and naturopaths for treatment, I have at last found Derma Guard. My hands are no longer painfully cracked and dirty.”

SR, Mechanic, Vic