Kitchen Skin Care


Around Food

Derma Guard is safe for use in the household kitchen, around the barbie, on picnic’s etc or anyplace where food is being prepared or eaten. It provides a barrier against tender or abused skin that can be irritated in the food preparation process, making it the ideal form of kitchen skin care. It also protects skin from further abuse, even with frequent washings. Derma Guard carries on protecting the skin despite repeated washing for 4 to 5 hours.


Clinically Proven

Derma Guard also has proven Anti-Bacterial properties that kill germs and bacteria and prevent new ones from attaching to your skin. Clinical results showed that “The use of Derma Guard shows approximately a ten fold reduction in colony count for at least 2 – 3 hours with no evidence of bacterial build up”.


Strong Odours

Odours left on the skin is a common problem in both household kitchens and professional food environments, so kitchen skin care creams like Derma Guard are essential to help repel odours and keep hands clean. The strong odours of foods such as onions, garlic,fish and worchestershire sauce wash right off with soap and water instead of penetrating the skin and lingering for hours. Derma Guard also helps protect against commercial cleaning compounds, industrial oven cleaners, drain cleaners and other nasty chemicals we may have in the kitchen. It will also protect maintenance personnel against oils, greases and most solvents.



Users often report how Derma Guard makes gloves more comfortable to wear by reducing excess sweating. Derma Guard also protects the skin from any irritations that can sometimes occur after prolonged glove usage. This all ensures that users wear gloves when needed and that the gloves are replaced far less frequently.


How Derma Guard Helps

Derma Guard contains high-grade pharmaceutical moisturisers that ensure the skin doesn’t dry out under even the driest conditions. It also ensures that any problems that have been caused previously due to drying are quickly reversed. Derma Guard contains Aloe Vera and Natural Vitamin E that nurture the skin and in conjunction with the moisturising and protection guarantee to keep your skin in prime condition. After regular use skin will not only be in better condition but will also be cleaner. Derma Guard also helps to clear up any other pre-existing skin problems.

Derma Guard is also known as Derma Shield or Dermashield internationally, and is so much more than just a barrier cream!