Reptile Keeper Skin Care

reptile keeper skin care

Reptile keepers who have dry skin are very common. Caring for reptiles is a passion that many people share but how many of those people would say they really enjoy cleaning out the habitats? Not many for sure, but keeping it clean is necessary for the health of the reptile.

There are many different methods and substances used for cleaning but whatever the method or chemical used they will all have very similar impact on unprotected skin. In an ideal world either a new pair of suitable gloves will be used for each habitat or the gloves will be sanitised before moving onto the next task. Having stated that, how many keepers actually carry out either of those processes every time they clean?

So often reptile keepers have dry skin as they are in direct contact with either the cleaning chemicals and / or prolonged use of protective gloves. In either case the effect on the skin will be the same.

Every time we wash or sanitise our skin, even with very mild substances, our skin loses some of the protective oils that are naturally present on our skin. This lipid layer, as it is called, plays a very important role in keeping the skin hydrated and supple. When it is removed the skin becomes dry.

Dry skin doesn’t come by itself; correctly moisturised skin will be supple, however dry skin becomes brittle and as is well known, brittle skin starts to split and crack. This skin condition is not only painful and embarrassing but can also lead to further complications such as infections etc.

As one user said:
“I suffer from sensitive skin as a result of contact dermatitis several years ago; all chemicals, hand sanitizers and most soap irritate my skin, which can leave it very dry, sore and itchy. Derma Guard has been a god send for me when working with my reptiles as my skin is protected before I put my hands anywhere near chemicals or even faeces or urates. My hands are now moisturised and rarely sore. I would recommend this product highly for any reptile keeper.”
CS Wales

How Derma Guard can stop reptile keepers having dry skin

Go about your day confident that your dry skin is being moisturised, nurtured and protected.

  • Because Derma Guard is designed only to come off the skin as it sheds naturally, one application will last for four to five hours despite repeated washing.

Improve your skin hygiene as you continue to take care of your reptiles.

  • Derma Guard has a natural anti bacterial action that enhances any skin sanitisation method you use as it will continue to lower the colony count on your skin by a factor of ten for up to 4 hours.

Stop any further aggravation of the sensitised skin and enable the skin to recover quickly.

  • Derma Guard’s microscopic shield ensures that, in most cases, any substance causing the skin to dry out is no longer in direct contact with the skin, making it a perfect form of reptile keeper skin care.

Nurture the skin and help to keep it supple. Supple skin doesn’t split – it stretches.

  • To aid faster skin recovery Derma Guard contains high-grade pharmaceutical moisturisers such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E that are locked in to keep the skin supple.